Created for KCHUNG radio and hosted by artists Lisa Ohlweiler and Soo Kim, Photo Black is a three-part radio show based in the topic of photography. The show examines visual topics through guided photo meditations, discussions between artists, music, interviews with guests, and on-air "readings" of images. The show is part meditation, part description, and part critical analysis. Through Photo Black the radio is imagined as the camera.
Produced and Directed by:
Lisa Ohlweiler and Soo Kim


Thank you to:
KCHUNG radio, and all who create content and help to support the station.

Thank you to all of our guests:
Ian James, Gil Blank, Michael Ned Holte, James Welling, Jane Weinstock, Charlie White, William E. Jones, Patterson Beckwith, Siri Kaur, Matt Lipps, Tosh Berman, Gina Osterloh, Michael Worthington, Kim Schoen, Caiya Sanchez-Strauss, Bennett Simpson, Alex Slade, Lincoln Tobier, and Chaerim Kim-Worthington.

A special thanks to:
Ian James, Christopher Richmond, and Tellef Tellefson.

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