photo black
Created for KCHUNG radio and hosted by artists Lisa Ohlweiler and Soo Kim, Photo Black is a three-part radio show based in the topic of photography. The show examines visual topics through guided photo meditations, discussions between artists, music, interviews with guests, and on-air "readings" of images. The show is part meditation, part description, and part critical analysis. Through Photo Black the radio is imagined as the camera.
I. Origins
Aired 11/08/2013
Guided Photo Mediation: Inside the 35mm camera; Discussion with Michael Ned Holte; Soo Kim interview with Tosh Berman; Song introduction by Soo Kim; Interview with Charlie White; Photo Reading by Gil Blank; Song intro by Alex Slade and Lincoln Tobier.
II. Body
Aired 11/15/2013
Guided Photo Meditation: Inside the View Camera; Discussion with William E. Jones; Song intro by Bennett Simpson; Interview with James Welling; Photo Reading by Kim Schoen, Caiya Sanchez-Strauss, and Gil Blank.
III. Death
Aired 12/13/2013
Guided Photo Meditation: The Digital Sensor (Ian James); Discussion with Siri Kaur; Photo Reading by Matt Lipps; Song intro by Michael Worthington; Phone interview with Patterson Beckwith; Interview with Jane Weinstock; Photo Reading by Gina Osterloh.